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Irizar starts the development of an electric truck

The Basque bus manufacturer launches a model designed for industrial use with a capacity to transport up to 18 tons. Irizar has taken a step further in its commitment to electric transport by including in its range of models the manufacture of an electric truck. Called Irizar ie truck, it is an 8 meter long vehicle with a capacity to transport up to 18 tons of weight. Although there is no date yet to appear on the market, Héctor Olabe, CEO of Irizar e-mobility has announced that it will have the same electric motor and batteries as the buses.

  The Irizar ie truck was designed at the facilities of the Basque company in Aduna. The new vehicle is a truck with electric traction that “allows it to circulate through cities and urban environments without generating atmospheric or acoustic pollution,” said Olabe. At first the ie Truck will be used for the collection of waste in the cities, however, its “chassis chassis will adapt to the needs of the market” to give it other industrial uses.  

The prototype of the Basque company has unlike conventional trucks with a driver’s cabin suitable for four people and a front window, similar to that used in buses, which offers greater field of vision to the driver. The cabin is located at a lower height, with a single access level which according to Hector Olabe makes it “the vehicle with the lowest access height of the market at present, and adds” its chassis allows to install “all kinds of bodies existing without hardly needing adaptation “.  

Irizar has not put a date on the commercialization of its electric truck, the Basque company has since 2011 with its hybrid and electric vehicles project whose operations and manufacturing center is now located in its new Aduna plant, in which it has invested 75 million of euros and has a production capacity of 1000 vehicles per year.