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We spoke with Paco Sánchez, our commercial director of new vehicles and Hitachi machinery, about his experience at the IAA in Hannover.

Where did the idea of ​​going?   
The idea arose from the constant worries we have about the future to try to anticipate, I think the last euro 6 is the end of the diesel / gasoline engines and will give way to the totally green, as can be the different gases, large capacity batteries and various ways to connect to the electricity network.

What was the purpose of attending the event?
Our objective was to see the trends of the different manufacturers and suppliers in the sector as well as their ability to adapt to what is to come.

What has been the highlight for you?
In my opinion, without a doubt, the highlight was the different tests of the different driverless trucks that are able to maneuver without any problem. It is also worth mentioning the tremendous change that will be made in a short time in the sector both in manufacturing and in the elaboration of regulations and the great importance of the training of human resources.

Anything else that caught your attention?
Well, the truth is, I was very struck by the fact that there were very few exhibitions about fossil fuel engines, which clearly indicates that we are facing the last throes of an era. What expectations did you have? The truth is that I had no expectations, since I did not want to have an image in mind that later did not correspond with reality, but for next year I will have very high expectations.

Do you recommend going to the fair? Without a doubt, I think it’s something really interesting and where you learn and discover a lot about the future of the industrial vehicle sector.