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Volvo Trucks presents his new electric truck.

Volvo Trucks now presents its all-electric truck for commercial use: the Volvo FL Electric for urban distribution operations and garbage collection, in other applications. The new model will begin to be manufactured in series and to be sold in Europe next year.

“We are immensely proud to present the first model of a range of fully electric Volvo trucks prepared for regular traffic. With this model, we are going to allow those cities that advocate sustainable urban development to benefit from the advantages of electric truck transport, “says Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks. The Volvo Trucks offer is backed by the accumulated experience of the Volvo Group in electric transport solutions.

The technology used for propulsion and energy storage in the Volvo FL Electric has been thoroughly tested and tested from the beginning and is backed by Volvo Trucks’ extensive reach network for sales, service and parts supply. Volvo has issued a statement saying: “Thanks to our experience, we know how important it is that cities, energy supply companies and vehicle manufacturers cooperate to make large-scale electrification a strategy .

In the long term for urban planning and the expansion of cargo infrastructure, the process can be much faster. Data All-electric truck for distribution, garbage collection and other applications in urban conditions, MMA of 16 tons. – Powerline: 185 kW electric motor, max. Power / 130 kW continuous output, two-speed gearbox, transmission shaft, rear axle.

Max torque of the electric motor: 425 Nm.

Max torque of the rear axle: 16 kNm. –

Energy storage: 2-6 lithium-ion batteries, with a total of 100-300 kWh. –

Range: up to 300 km. –

Load: AC load through the electrical network (22 kW) or fast load in CC via CCS / Combo2 for a maximum of 150 kW. –

Recharge time: to fully charge a totally empty battery: fast charging in 1-2 hours (DC charging), night charging up to 10 hours (AC charging) with a maximum battery capacity of 300 kWh.