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The clean force of Hitachi

The hybrid excavator system is based on the motor-generator set of electric rotation that replaces the turret’s hydraulic rotation motor. The assembly captures the kinetic energy at each braking of the turret and converts it into electrical energy. The regenerated energy is stored in a super capacitor and helps the motor in the following accelerations.

When the driver releases the lever to stop the rotation of the upper structure the electric motor immediately causes the generator to function as a brake of the turning system. The energy produced during the braking phase is used to recharge the capacitors, which in effect reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Hitachi declares that its TRIAS HX System incorporates the adapted technologies of hydraulic, electric and battery-powered excavators and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions up to 31%.

The TRIAS HX System combines hybrid technology with hydraulic system Energetically efficient to minimize fuel consumption. This is transmitted through the Power Control Unit and stored in the capacitors. It can then be used to accelerate or move the arm or other upper structures. The extreme tests to the ZH210LC-5 hybrid excavator went through the tests in the polar circle. The machine worked for 3 months at temperatures below -30ºC and carried out some earthmoving or truck refueling tasks during a road construction project in Rovaniemi.

The operator Kari Saraniemi states: “The rotary movement of the hybrid excavator is even smoother and more precise than in a conventional machine. Also, it makes less noise in the cab while the fuel consumption is excellent. ” The owner of the company Tuomo Kemppe adds: “I would have no doubts recommending the ZH210LC-5, and the next time we are going to buy a new vehicle we will evaluate the price and maintenance costs. Hybrid machines are very quiet and easy to handle, the rotating movement is soft and sensitive. The use of fuel is undoubtedly very favorable when compared to other machines that work on site. “