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The Superior Court of Justice of Valencia has issued a ruling granting an authorization to transport a heavy vehicle (MDP) to an applicant without having to prove the minimum fleet requirement with a single vehicle regardless of its age. The judicial decision has not been slow in being described as "aberrant" by Fenadismer, "since it incorrectly applies" the judgment of the European Court of Justice.

At this point, from this organization do not hesitate to require the Ministry of Development to appeal in cassation before the Supreme Court "to the passivity of the Generalitat Valenciana, to prevent such sentence is executed, as this would seriously affect the current legislation of the the road freight transport sector ".

As it could not be otherwise, this issue was present at the meeting held on October 1, between the new Director General of Land Transport, Mercedes Gómez, and the National Transport Committee, during which the ministerial representative confirmed that the processing of the ROTT continues its course, pending the request of report to the State Council, so that the project will foreseeably enter into force at the beginning of 2019, although it could be delayed depending on the terms of issuance of the report and approval by the Minister council.

In any case, the new access regime to the sector will maintain the current seniority requirement to access the sector, so the only requirement that will be modified will be the minimum fleet in compliance with the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union. last February, as it transcends the meeting held today in Development.

Other issues raised were those related to the processing of the European mobility package, mandatory deviations to toll motorways, the new regulation on the stowage of goods on board transport vehicles, the inspection and control of relocated companies, and the cooperatives that act fraudulently with false self-employed workers, the permanent problems of traffic congestion at the Irún / Biriatou border crossing due to the actions of the French authorities, the development of the logistic single window and the digitalization of the transport documentation, the negotiations between the associations of shippers and carriers, the participation of road transport in the Government's Plan of ecological transition, the increase of taxation on diesel and the Training Plans for the road transport sector.