Rise in the annoyement with the ITV

The associations of transporters that make up the National Road Transport Committee have formally addressed the Ministry of Industry to convey the “discomfort” of the sector “with the protocols established for the tractor trucks in terms of measuring the effectiveness of braking It refers, given that in many cases the unfavorable rating to the tractors is not due to a problem of the vehicle but that the ITV facilities are not adjusted as they should, Fenadismer reports.

From the organization they communicate that: “when a tractor with air intakes and without being coupled to a semitrailer is presented to the periodic review, the equipment envisaged to perform the braking test (rollers), is not able to make an adequate reading of the parameters of the vehicle when it is ejected by the rollers “.

The response from the ITV station is that although they recognize that it may not be a defect of the vehicle, it is necessary that it is presented coupled to a semi-trailer with a certain level of load, relate from the collective chaired by Julio Villaescusa. “In fact, without intervening in the brakes of the rejected vehicle, it is presented coupled and the result is usually favorable,” they reveal.

In the statement written by the National Committee to the Undersecretary of Industry, he is told that “a good part of the carriers in our country do not provide their services with a complete set of vehicles, but the commercial relationship they maintain with their shipper is in the modality of ‘enganche’, only the transporter contributing its tractor unit, therefore, they do not have their own semi-trailers or load available to be able to present their vehicles to the periodic technical inspection. These transporters, who have opted for the installation of additional air intakes in their vehicles, depending on the ITV stations facilities are rejected their vehicles and have to go with a semi-trailer under a loan or rent, with the consequent risk and expense , without, in our opinion, it is your responsibility that you do not have the proper equipment to be able to finish the braking efficiency with the uncoupled vehicle “.

From Fenadismer remember that since the implementation of the new braking measurement system seven years ago, cases of error have increased which has increased damage and inconvenience to carriers, especially in the case of tractors.