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Mitas presents their new tyres for construction


Mitas introduces its line of soil excavator (EM) diagonal tires designed for a wide range of construction machinery such as loaders, graders, manipulators and more. Mitas EM tyres are manufactured in sizes from 24 “to 29” and today the product line consists of 28 versions. Customers can choose from eight tyre sizes and five tread patterns.

The 20.5-25 EM-60 24PR diagonal tubeless tire was exhibited at Bauma. This is representative of Mitas’ highly reliable universal tyres for demanding earthmoving jobs. Its tread pattern is specially designed for heavy earthmoving machines and other machines operating under combined conditions and offers very good self-cleaning properties. The tyre on display has a maximum load capacity of up to 16,480 kg (static / 5.8 bar), while at 10 km / hy an inflation pressure of 5.8 bar can carry a load of 10,300 kg. The maximum permissible speed is 50 km/h. EM-60 tyres are available in sizes 15.5-25, 17.5-25, 20.5-25, 23.5-25 and 26.5-25.

Apart from the EM-60, the Mitas EM product line consists of the following tread patterns. Offering excellent traction and self-cleaning properties, the EM-20 is an ideal universal tyre for construction machinery and is manufactured in four sizes. The EM-30 has a tread pattern with excellent durability and puncture resistance suitable for loaders in demanding operating conditions, and comes in seven sizes. The EM-70 line features good traction and minimal wheel slip, excellent damping, unloading and self-cleaning properties. EM-80 tyres are especially suitable for telescopic handlers, motor graders and loaders.
“As an addition to agricultural tires, construction tires are an important segment in Mitas’ product portfolio and we offer a wide range of products in this field for various applications,” said Jaroslav Musil, product manager for materials handling and construction tires.

Mitas presenta sus neumáticos EM en Bauma