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The mastery of shippers over carriers worries the CETM

The Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport (CETM), together with the CNTC, have transferred to the Department of Promotion of Competition of the National Commission of Markets and Competition, their concern for the abuse and helplessness suffered by transport companies against The generality of its customers.

Both associations argue that customers take advantage of the fragility of a sector that, despite its enormous strategic value as a collective, has a very weak and atomized business fabric, without the advantages generated by the economy at scales and costs, and that it does not have the necessary regulatory tools to defend itself in a transport market that is completely hostile to them.

During the meeting, the CNMC emphasized that it is declared absolutely contrary to the practices that have been shown to them as usual in the sector, such as certain down-payment auctions or payment terms exceeding those established by law.

For this reason, the CNMC has expressed itself in favor of carrying out a study of the transport market that allows determining the existence of a position of the loaders, as it happened in the agricultural sector, and that justified the implementation in protection measures similar to those taken then. For its part, the CETM believes that the problem will only be solved with the implementation of a rule that prohibits and fines those shippers who pay an abusively low price.

Consequently, he urges the Ministry of Development to work together, also with the collaboration of the CNMC, in the preparation of the study, to change certain practices.