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The Waymo company, a subsidiary of the American company Google, has announced that it will launch a pilot truck program in Atlanta next week.

The trucks will work carrying loads to the Google data centers in the city. Waymo has proposed to establish a freight transport service, for which they will set up autonomous driving systems in their trucks.

Uber announced last week that it used autonomous trucks for real orders, which is a breakthrough, so the subsidiary division of Google trucks has not wanted to be left behind and has announced that they are already being used autonomous vehicles for real charges and that Google It is the first beneficiary.

The American company has announced that they have been testing in California and Arizona, but that they will now arrive in Georgia in order to test their trucks in one of the largest logistics centers in the US. “It is the perfect environment for our next testing phase of the Waymo autonomous trucks,” the company said. The program that will be developed in Atlanta will allow the company to further develop its technology in order to adjust and fine-tune its trucks to both ends of the transport chain. “We have to integrate operations with cargo networks, factories, distribution centers, ports and terminals.”

 In conducting the tests a highly trained driver will be in the cabin to monitor the systems and take control if necessary when the vehicles reach the highways of the region.

This new activity will affect one of the key sectors of the US economy. “Road transport is vital to the US economy, and we believe that autonomous driving technology has the potential to make this sector safer and stronger. We can reimagine many different types of transport, from taxi services to logistics, “explained Waymo.