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The year 2018 begins with encouraging data regarding the numbers of industrial vehicle registrations, with an increase of 7.5% over the previous year and a total of 2,263 units so far this year.

By categories, highlight the light trucks with an increase of the registrations of 48.6% or what is the same 34 registrations more than the same month of the previous year (70 registrations in January of 2017).

Meanwhile, average trucks registered a decrease of 9.3% (35 registrations less than in the same period the previous year) with 245 units.

Lastly, heavy trucks maintain an increase of 8.4%, where the heaviest weight is held by the construction trucks, which show an increase of 191.2% with 99 units. Followed rigid with 18.9% and 283 registrations, and finally the tractors with only 2.6% and 1532 units enrolled.