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Fomento expects to spend up to 41 million euros in tolls for trucks.   The council of ministers approved the decree law that vetoes the traffic of heavy vehicles on both roads, authentic black spots of the Catalan road network, and will establish its obligatory circulation on the AP-7 and AP-2 highways. The measure, had been stuck in the administration due to the doubt about the bonus that the trucks will have when they arrive at the tolls.

The government has already installed the signage that warns of the obligatory deviation by the highway of trucks of four axes or higher. Fomento defends the measure alleging that it seeks to improve the “functionality and safety” of the vertebrate road corridor by the N-340 and the AP-7, between Peñíscola and l’Hospitalet de l’Infant, as well as the section between Altafulla and Vilafranca del Penedès Regarding the N-240, the section vetoed for trucks goes from Les Borges Blanques to Montblanc. This measure copies the remedy that was applied, in 2013, on the N-II road passing through Girona.

Removing the N-II heavy trucks and forcing them to drive on the highway has reduced mortality by 60%. Fomento aims to copy the model on the N-340 and on the N-240, it will mean “a significant improvement in road safety”. Until the end of the concession that the Albertis Group has on both toll roads (December 31, 2019 AP-7 and August 31, 2021 AP-2), the trucks will be subject to a system of discounts that will vary between 42% and 50% of the standard fare, depending on the mileage of the journeys. In fact, not only do the trucks benefit from the reduction of fares, since a total rebate of the toll is also foreseen for the tourists who make the round trip in a single day, within the section between Alcanar and Vilafranca. It will be necessary for drivers to have a Telepago system to benefit from the discount. The government assumes the cost of compensation to the concessionaire for the toll reduction and has calculated that the measure will mean a maximum expenditure of 41 million euros until 2021.

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