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As professionals in the world of tires, the Andrés Group has compiled the most frequent damages detected in tires during the summer:

Greater wear. The components of the tire suffer much more for the use in journeys of long route and for the high temperatures that reaches the asphalt, that arrives up to 10 degrees above the ambient temperature.

Deformation. Wear is sometimes irregular due to misalignment, dampening problems or inadequate pressure. Therefore, deformation of the wheels is observed. When the tire takes on an oval shape and wears more in the center band, it is because the pressure is excessive or the alignment of the steering is too open. If the wear occurs at the edges means that the pressure is too low, there is overload or an alignment is very closed.
Loss of pressure The decrease in pressure may be due to the loss of the valve plugs.

Bad cushioning The shock absorbers are degraded little by little and without almost realizing affect the duration of the tire, reducing it by up to 50%.

Abrupt brakes. In traffic jams or at times when there is heavy traffic on the road, there are many driving errors that also affect the condition of the tires, such as sudden braking, constant gear changes, or incorrect curves that can cause an effort. extra of the covers to hold the car in the
lateral displacement.

Braking distance and aquaplaning. The low pressure also leads to an increase in braking distance and if we add wet soil, the risks increase exponentially and it is time to be afraid of aguaplaning, before which we should be warned during the surprising summer storms.

Less adherence to asphalt. If the pressure of the wheels is too high it decreases the capacity of adherence to the asphalt with the danger that this entails besides making the driving harder and more uncomfortable