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Due to the inclusion of Spain in the European Alliance for the Road, the Spanish Confederation of Transport of Goods has decided to analyze different points on the change of this policy. It makes reference to the diverse factors that the change of Government generates, as well as the traditional points of view with respect to that policy. This Alliance arises to face fraudulent practices and favor the situation of workers, but in turn, other factors are born that do not meet these principles, which are: First of all, the lack of a complete and true interpretation of these practices, since only 10 of the 28 EU Member States are actually represented.

It is creating a gap between the interests of the countries that consider themselves to be more restrictive and protectionist, such as the central countries, as well as other countries in the periphery, such as Spain, in favor of flexibility. In addition, many of the rules of this alliance have attempted against the single market, so they have become under infringement procedure. According to the CETM, “although we consider it essential to urgently develop a harmonized plan that fights against problems such as social dumping, mailbox companies and the unfair competition exercised by certain illegal cooperatives, we can not support an alliance with countries that, far from seeking Cohesion, only worry about protecting their internal markets, opposing the implementation of such important measures for the Spanish transport of goods by road “.

Which is described below: Show that professional drivers are itinerant, not displaced, due to their specific work. As far as cabotage is concerned, establish simpler rules. This could be achieved by eliminating the limit of cabotage operations after 5 days of carrying out international transport. In order for the driver to enjoy the weekly rest days, it would be necessary to make the European Regulation 561/2006 more flexible, extending the number of days to nine (three more than the current ones). In cases where there is not a sufficient number of hotels to accommodate all drivers, or that do not meet the minimum comfort requirements for their stay, drivers are allowed to take their weekly rest in cabins of a tractor that does. make. The establishment of a community regulation that regulates the figure of the minimum wage, without it being necessary the increase of the documentary requirements and that is common for all the member states.