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Hitachi y Umc electronics announce a colaboration.

Under this agreement, UMC Electronics will acquire shares of Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Manufacturing, Ltd. (HITM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, as well as the manufacturing assets of the related manufacturing bases owned by Hitachi. In the future, Hitachi and UMC Electronics will expand this business to collaborate in the development of a new market. Hitachi has promoted the strengthening of the manufacturing structure and has provided high quality and highly reliable IT products for its customers.

By merging its capabilities with the manufacturing capabilities of UMC Electronics acquired through the volume operation while continuously using the manufacturing technologies, know-how and manufacturing bases that Hitachi has possessed over the years, Hitachi will provide a wide range of clients at a national and international level and Hitachi brand products, competitive in costs, as in the past, with the aim of obtaining more contributions to the Social Innovation Business.  UMC Electronics is the contract manufacturer that produces electronically controlled equipment for the power supply system of a hybrid vehicle used for the first time in the largest Japanese car company.

As a result of this collaboration, UMC Electronics will promote system-level manufacturing, enabling the manufacture, functional testing and shipping of large systems as a finished product, in addition to electronically controlled equipment embedded in an aluminum mounting plate or die-casting .  Under the collaboration, UMC Electronics will continue to manufacture and provide high quality Hitachi products and will aim to acquire new business and expand our manufacturing capacity in Japan.

In the future, by combining high-quality manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of customers in Japan and abroad, offset the competitiveness acquired through volume operations and rapid manufacturing capabilities, from the procurement of parts to the manufacturing and shipping systems , and establishing a new competitive manufacturing business. model, Hitachi and UMC Electronics will seek greater global growth, including the data center market where demand is expanding rapidly following IoT and digitalization trends, such as autonomous driving, robotics control and Fintech.