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During October 18 and 19, we organized open days to publicize and show the Hitachi machinery. During these two days we opened the doors of our house to everyone who wanted to go though if only to see what was happening.

As always we tried to make all the attendees feel like at home, for this we prepared a select selection of products from the region so that they did not lack anything while they could see and try while doing some fun activities with the machinery.

These days were the idea of ​​our commercial director of used vehicles: Francisco Manuel Sanchez, so we decided to talk to him to inform us more carefully about how the idea came about and the reception from an audience that is not used to such an event. .

Where did the idea of ​​organizing such an event come from?
In Almerisan we always want to be at the forefront and therefore after taking the distribution of the Region of Murcia, it was time to make an appeal.

What was the objective of the days?
That they know us, judge us, look at us, compare us ... In the end we seek to be always in the minds of people who may need a product or service that we offer. We just want you to keep us in mind. We know that thanks to our tireless work we will achieve that the rest arrive by their own weight. With these days we wanted to show our brand, HITACHI. That the customer sees the quality of the product up close. Let it start, move it, put it to the test and see that what we say are words with contrasted facts. Show our house, everything we can offer and how we do it.

What expectations did you have around the event?
The expectations were very high. We trusted in the assistance of all the people who are already clients or those we look for and want them to be. In the end, with more than 55 years of experience you know a lot of people. We knew it was going to be great, although they have been overcome. Not only those who have warned have come, but those who have found out through the press or the radio. Those we did not know and we tried to do it. Those are the ones that have exceeded expectations.

And finally, how is such an event organized?
With a lot of effort and passion for our work. Doing the maximum to please attendees in all aspects. Protocol, exhibition, gifts, gastronomy ... In the end it is like our day to day, to do our best to offer the best and most efficient.
How did you find out about the event? The truth is that I've been following Almerisan for years on their social networks as daily content is quite varied and curious, so I found out right away that they were going to hold a few open doors and I knew I could not miss it. How would you rate your experience? Honestly, I did not expect an event of such magnitude, I knew that the people of Almerisan would not disappoint or settle for a classic event but at no time imagined that it would be something so enjoyable and enriching. Did you know the Hitachi brand? Yes, but the truth is that I had never considered having one since it is not a brand that usually sees a lot around here, but I have to say that seen what is seen is a great product from the hand of a large company. What advice would you give to improve the event? Honestly I do not know how I could improve, until the last detail was measured. The theme of the tasting of the cuisine was a very good touch to liven up the days and the detail of the gifts seemed a great idea. But if I had to say something bad about the event, it's only once a year. On behalf of the Almerisan team, we would like to thank all those attending the conference for helping us to publicize our Hitachi brand. Finally, to say that although the days have ended, our doors are always open for anyone who wants to cross them.