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The French tire manufacturer has announced that its tires will be manufactured 100% with recycled materials, of which 80% will be manufactured with sustainable materials. Currently, the global tire recovery rate is 70%, while the recycling rate is 50%, Roget said.

Likewise, today Michelin tires are manufactured with 28% sustainable materials (26% of biological origin such as rubber or sunflower oil, among others) and 2% come from recycled materials such as steel or wood dust. recycled tires. To achieve the goal set for 2048, Michelin will invest in research programs on materials of biological origin, as well as through advanced technologies and materials that are being developed with other partners.

The French manufacturer’s forecast is that once these measures are achieved in 2048, the annual savings will be equivalent to 33 million barrels of oil per year; to the total energy consumption of one month in France; to 65,000 million kilometers driven by a vehicle with a consumption of 8 l / 100 km; or to all European cars driving 225 kilometers (which would mean 291 million kilometers). On the other hand, Michelin is presenting its prototype Vision tire at Movin’On, which has no air, is rechargeable and is connected. In this prototype, 100% recyclable, “advanced materials” and 3D printing technologies are used to manufacture and renew the tread, highlighted the manufacturer.