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If there is something that we can consider to be of vital importance when we talk about a vehicle, whatever it is, it is the revision. This not only minimizes the risk of suffering a serious breakdown but, in the case that it is already appearing, it could be undertaken in time with the reduction the cost that this entails.

But this is much more important when we talk about an industrial vehicle. Not in vain, they are usually, as a general rule, vehicles of greater precision and that are subject to a greater demand for a longer time.

Advantages of carrying out a comprehensive review of industrial vehicles

However, once the importance of the review is understood, it is worthwhile to dwell on one aspect that is crucial: the fact of carrying it out in a workshop that has a comprehensive review service.

• They are more complete. Those workshops that have the comprehensive review service usually have a multidisciplinary team of professionals. To this we must add that the technology of the equipment available to them is totally avant-garde. This has an obvious consequence. The review is more complete due to the flow of information that may be among the professionals of the same team before certain details.

• Money is saved. Undoubtedly, it is not the same cost to go to a single center than to go to several. A center that brings together all possible services will always have a more competitive price than if we have to assume the cost of several centers. This, after a year, for example, and with a fleet of 20 industrial vehicles, can be a great saving.

• Time is saved. Within the world of the company, time is a variable that has no price. Thanks to the workshops that conduct comprehensive reviews, we can review the entire vehicle in the same period of time. The fact of going to several workshops will make the management much more tedious and therefore it will continue over time.

• It gives more management facilities. The management is much simpler. By management we understand management of invoices, payments and guarantees. We can agglutinate all this documentation in a much more agile way if this belongs to a single workshop. Otherwise, it can become a much more complex process.

• Collaboration agreements can be reached. This is an agreement that is surely less exploited than it should be. And is that if a certain company reaches an agreement with a certain workshop to take there for a prolonged period, all the vehicles in its fleet, the prices that can be obtained can lead to really interesting discounts.

Five advantages that should be taken into account if what is intended is to optimize the management derived from the revisions of the industrial vehicles of a certain fleet.