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Goodyear announces the launch of a new range of truck tires that reduce CO2 emissions, with which vehicles reduce CO2 emissions, save fuel and enhance tire management technology.


The focus is on a new range of tires with Goodyear fuel-saving technology, which will help vehicle manufacturers comply with the EU's CO2 emissions legislation and reduce the total cost of ownership for the fleets that operate on long distance routes.


The presentation of the latest improvements of Goodyear Proactive Solutions will also be presented, a package of solutions designed according to the data collected by the most advanced telematic technology and patented predictive analysis.


"The new regulations are forcing vehicle manufacturers to be innovative in the development of new trucks. To this end, we are launching a new range of tires developed using our latest technology to further reduce fuel consumption and thus reduce CO2 emissions. We will also inform visitors with the latest news about Goodyear Proactive Solutions, which helps our customers optimize tire performance, further reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel, as well as improving safety. The combination of the new FUELMAX PERFORMANCE range and the use of Goodyear Proactive Solutions will enable long-distance fleets to reduce operating costs and maximize return on investment, "said Benjamin Willot, Commercial Vehicle Tire Commercial Director, Goodyear Europe .