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The French Ministry of Transport has repealed the fee of 40 euros for each worker posted in its territory.

The so-called “Macron Law” establishes that workers who travel to the French country to carry out cabotage transport must carry documentation that proves that they receive the minimum wage in France.

The documentation is obtained through a displacement declaration that is processed electronically, which includes the data of the transport company, the driver and his salary, as well as a copy of the work contract.

The rate was intended to offset the costs of commissioning and operating the computer system to control the number of posted workers.

The National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain, Fenadismer, had denounced to the European Commission the decision of the French government to impose the costs of this regulation on the workers themselves, arguing that this imposition violated the European Directive on the posting of workers. It argued that such a measure went against the fundamental principles of free movement of persons and goods set out in the Treaty on European Union.

On 9 February, France enacted by Decree 2018-82 the definitive repeal of this fee, considering that “its imposition is not justified” and is considered “a protectionist measure” incompatible with European legislation, as explained by the decree.