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Decrease the minimum age for driving a car

The European Union marks to Spain a reduction in the ages to be able to drive trucks and buses, when establishing the minimum age to drive trucks in 18 years and 21 years to drive buses.

This is announced by the publication of May 2 of the Official Journal of the European Union of the new directive 2018/645 by modifying different issues regarding the CAP as well as modifying the ages for minimums to obtain driving licenses for trucks and buses, which will force Spain to change the General Driver Regulations to be in line with the new European regulation, in what is currently already working the General Directorate of Traffic for its next start-up, although the Directive establishes a term of two years.

Spain will adjust the minimum ages required for the driving of trucks and buses to those established for many years in practically all the countries of the European Union, which had been a demand for many years by the transport associations, “Because it put our country at a disadvantage compared to other countries in terms of access to new professionals to the sector, which was also shocking to occupy Spain second place in the ranking of youth unemployment in the EU”, highlight in a transport organization.

In this way, once the new General Driver Regulations are approved in Spain, the minimum ages for obtaining driving licenses for trucks and buses will be as follows: for categories C1 and C1E it will be 18 years; for categories C and CE it will be 21 years; for categories D1 and D1E it will be 21 years and for categories D and DE it will be 24 years.