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Exhibition and offices Upstair exhibition Tyres Down exhibition Body shop Decontamination area Workshop

Exhibition and offices

500 m2

Inside exhibition, for the Key tucks. Comercial área with sell offices, parts área, administration office and waiting room.

Upstair exhibition

15000 m2

Here we have tha main part of our exhibition área, with Trucks and machines. All that you are looking for is here. Parked and ready to go.


1000 m2

The part wich join your vehicle with the road couldn´t be secundary . With an stock of more than 1.000 units, from best European and Asiatic firms, we have all the neccesary to be always on muvement. With MyRoad you will have quick and high quality Pit Stop

Down exhibition

1500 m2

Vehicles reception and delivery area. Tachograph area, car wash and vehicles exibition. Outside área for machinery repair.

Body shop

1500 m2

It is not enoughto be in perfect conditions, you have to seem to be. With more than 1.500 m2 and 9 gates, we leave your vehicle as it deserves. Place for chassis bench and painting cabin.

Decontamination area

8500 m2

In this area, we decontaminate all our Trucks to recycle, select, place and we sell our used parts thought Almerisan Parts.


3000 m2

Is the reason of our reliability. More than 30 people working in the workshop, 2 overhead crane, wheel aligner, 4 pits, 6 elevators, ZF workbench.